The Médoc and Graves wines generally have a deep robe and a subtle nose. They are full-bodied red wines with a beautiful persistence in the mouth. They may appear a little astringent when they are young. This is generally due to the presence in large quantities of Cabernet Sauvignon, which constitutes the main emapment of these regions. This astringency must not be considered as a defect. With time, the wines round out and become fine and delicate. One must never forget that tannin is one of the elements of wine preservation. Moreover, one of the characteristics of Médoc and Graves wines (red) is their extraordinary longevity, especially for the biggest of them.

Médoc wines and red Graves accompany: poultry, red meats, game, cepes, cheeses ... and some Graves are wonderful on the lamb. As for the white Graves, if they are very dry, they will perfectly accompany the milling or poached fish; more flexible, they will be served with fish in sauce but also on poultry or white meat